100% All Natural Beef

Why Highland beef? Highland Cattle are renowned for producing the finest flavored beef, lean and firm, well marbled yet low in fat content from lower quality forage than any other breed. Testing done by Commercial Testing Laboratory, Inc. in Colfax, Wisconsin, clearly shows that Highland beef if 40% lower in fat than other beef and is lower in cholesterol than chicken, venison, codfish or buffalo. I am sure that the superior quality is one of the reasons why Highland beef is the only beef the Queen of England will eat. It probably has a little to do with her Scottish heritage as well, but that’s all just a guess.

We sell our beef by the whole, half or quarter. All of our beef is processed at Mishler Packing Company, located three miles down the road from our farm. However, if you would rather we can deliver the animal on the hoof direct to your door. If you decide to have it processed here, it is your choice how your order will be cut and packaged.

As a general rule we feed our steers grain for 60 days prior to market, BUT if you prefer we also sell strictly grass fed animals. The choice is yours. More often than not, we do have a waiting list for beef, so please contact us for availability and price. If you are looking for beef and “need it right now”, we will work with you to fulfill your needs. If organic or all natural beef is a concern for you let us know, so that we can full accommadate you.